A Celadon Studio Porcelain Mizusashi

Hirado Porcelain Okimono of Hotei

Iron and Multi-Metal Covered Box

Makuzu Kozan Three-Legged Bowl with Songbirds

Studio Porcelain Vase with Mountain Village Scene


Studio Porcelain Vase with Crabs

Rare Iron Itozukashi Tsuba

Ivory Netsuke of a Karako with Drum and Mask

Wood Netsuke of "Two Companions on a Lily Pad"

Pottery Incense Burner as a Kylin


Japanese Silver Bowl with Iris

Wood Netsuke as a Mouse

Stoneware Double Gourd Vase with Oni

Pair of Earthenware Cranes

Ivory Netsuke Carved as a Stag


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