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Japanese Antique Bronze Okimono of Tokiwa Gozen
A marvelous bronze and multi-metal sculpture depicting the noted beauty, Tokiwa Gozen, with her three sons, escaping from Taira Kiyomori’s soldiers . The beauty, in a dramatic pose, clutches her wind-swept garments and her partly-concealed infant- in -arms as she turns to gaze tenderly at her sons, one to become the legendary samurai warrior, Yoshitsune. Lavish gilt details on the kimono and the vivid expressions on each figure are the trademarks of the noted Meiji period metallurgist and sculptor, Miya-o Eisuke, his work sought after by collectors worldwide. The Miya-o gold signature plaque resides on the reverse side, the figures affixed to a characteristic gold-lacquered wooden stand. This sensitive bronze and gilt sculptural group is in excellent condition with no problems. Height (with stand): 15” Meiji Period, Japan

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